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Multi-Skilled Engineer Jobs

​Multi-skilled engineers are great problem-solvers who enjoy diagnosing and finding solutions for a wide range of mechanical and electrical problems. In particular, multi-skilled engineer jobs typically offer a great deal of variety - different equipment, different problems for different people in different locations. It is a great role for those who like using both their hands and their wits, who are naturally inquisitive about how everything works, and who love to please others by solving their problems.


It is almost impossible to list all the things that a multi-skilled engineer might have an opportunity to work on. There are many roles for them in property management, plant maintenance and commercial appliance repairs. While you will have a sound general background in mechanical and electrical engineering, success in multi-skilled engineer jobs has less to do with education than with competence. There are too many machines in the world to be familiar with every one, so the ability to figure out how things work on the fly is what matters, even when they are unfamiliar.


Each job is different, so our task at PRS is to match your skills and interests with the requirements and opportunities provided by prospective employers. Job descriptions often specify some skill, experience or interest in areas such as refrigeration, HVAC, alarm systems, appliance repairs, mechanical repairs, pneumatics, hydraulics, engines, electrical panels, or instrument calibration. Some basic IT skills are always helpful.

Most employers offering multi-skilled engineer jobs will expect some formal qualifications relevant to their sector (C&G, NVQ, HND) but wide experience and versatility are equally important. You may be asked to design and build electrical panels, install or modify plant equipment, plan reliability centred maintenance schedules, conduct PAT testing or improve safety standards.


Occasionally, if you are happy to undertake some carpentry and general building repairs, you will find that many employers, especially SMEs, will greatly appreciate your versatility. Companies are always delighted when they can source all their needs from within a single problem-solving team.


Personal qualities


The ideal personal qualities for a multi-skilled engineer include good schedule management, proactive identification of potential issues, and speedy issue resolution to minimise downtime. An eye for continual efficiency improvements and opportunities to cut operating costs will also serve you well. Some of the other features of the ideal multi-skilled engineer include flexibility in work hours - because some breakdowns are urgent and equipment is often vital to the wellbeing of service providers and their clients.


At some point, your duties are also likely to include training other engineers or inducting production operators in how to use newly installed equipment, so personal skills and teamwork abilities are also important in this role.


The demand for multi-skilled engineers is strong, but finding the ideal placement is often a challenge in such a diverse sector. We work hard to place you in the ideal company to help you develop your skills and long-term aspirations, and we also support our engineers in areas such as career development, relocation, tax concerns (such as IR35), work permits, pensions and insurance advice.


Whatever your educational and work history, if multi-skilled engineer jobs appeal, we want to hear from you.

If you're looking for an engineering job in Bristol, or indeed any other role, look no further than PRS Jobs. We are an experienced agency with recruiters based across the UK and the US. While some companies only focus on placing candidates in jobs in London and the surrounding area, we have experience in finding candidates their dream roles in all areas of the UK.

What Kind of Roles Does PRS Jobs Offer?

PRS jobs is staffed by experienced recruiters who can help you to find multi-skilled engineer jobs in Bristol or nearby parts of Gloucestershire no matter which field of engineering you specialise in. We are currently advertising to fill a number of multi-skilled engineer jobs in Bristol. Whether you're looking to work as an electrical, mechanical or technical engineer, PRS Jobs can help you to find the perfect engineering job to match your interests and skill level.

Some of the roles we commonly advertise for include mobile electrical installation engineer, instrument engineer and mechanical technician positions. We also advertise a variety of shift-based roles, ensuring that it will be easy for you to find a working pattern that suits your lifestyle.

Why Look for an Engineering Job in Bristol?

If you're working as an engineer but are tired of the hustle and bustle of London, Bristol could be the perfect city to make a move to. With a population of 463,000, Bristol is one of the largest cities in the UK. It has a long history of being home to highly skilled engineering and manufacturing companies. The bustling area of Clifton is home to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of Bristol's most famous landmarks, which was designed by world-famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1835.

Bristol - The Perfect Place for a Work-Life Balance

Bristol's size means that it has many of the same positive elements as larger cities such as London and Birmingham but without the downsides. Bristol's is close to the sea, meaning that a trip to the beach doesn't have to involve a long trek. You can also enjoy Bristol Harbour and the world-famous events that take place there, such as the Bristol Harbour Festival. On your days off you can also explore the famous countryside of the South West, as Bristol is in easy travelling distance of the rolling North Somerset Hills.

It's not hard to see why this city offers the perfect work-life balance. Finding a position in Bristol will allow you to simultaneously advance your career in an exciting job, experience the delights of a big city and enjoy much needed time off in nature.

If you're looking to make the next move in your engineering career and are looking for a position in Bristol or the South West of England, why not get in contact with PRS Jobs today? Our top recruiters have links with some of the area's leading engineering firms. Whether you're already based in Bristol or want to escape to the West Country from the busy atmosphere of the South East, PRS Jobs can give you a head-start with finding the perfect engineering role for you.