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Author: Duncan J Carter

Published date: 2018/02


Facilities Management With the introduction of IoT, smart cities and digital management systems, cyber security is now an important aspect of facilities management. A large amount of information about a building’s infrastructure as well as private corporate documents can be invaluable to a cyber criminal. 


Because the underlying network of smart cities will encompass most aspects of life in the city, should that network be compromised by an attacker it would grant them unfettered access to a target individual or organisation. For example, state-owned competitors could compromise a smart city’s infrastructure to gather intelligence on a large number of rival private sector firms.  


This information could include movements of their executives within the city, private and commercial communications grabbed from the ubiquitous presence of ‘free Wi-Fi hotspots’ managed by the city, and many more. Moreover, organisations operating within the city are likely to have their networks overlap to some extent with the city’s own network, or at the very least, have frequent data transfers from their networks to that of the city.


This would enable highly advanced threat actors such as nation states to exploit weaknesses within a city’s infrastructure to reach a target organisation and compromise the confidentiality of its network. Beyond traditional espionage operations, the large-scale destruction or disruption of physical infrastructure through computer systems could become a technical reality.


The traditional view of facility management previously included tasks, which were more physical in nature in terms of the responsibility of the building, but newer job roles now include maintaining critical operations through the use of information technology (IT) and automated controls. Project teams are also becoming aware of the need to secure an organisation’s network to mitigate cyber attacks.


This has created an additional layer of concern and responsibility. However the dialogue rarely addresses what the specific concerns might be for facility managers regarding potential threats, and rarely has the discussion addressed the role of stakeholders with regards to the mitigation of those concerns.


At this years BIFM London Conference 2018 - we're looking forward to Advent IM Managing Director Mike Gillespie kicking off the day with a presentation looking at how the Facilities Management industry is now at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime.


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