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Author: Duncan J Carter

Published date: 2018/06


We currently have Litter Picking/Cleaning positions at Ascot starting from tomorrow Thursday 14th June:


  • 14/06/2018 - Induction and 4 hours training 

  • Hours of work would be 10am-6pm 

  • We are paying for a coach to take the candidates down to the site from Hammersmith 

  • Meeting at 7:30am on the 14/06/2018- the coach is free of charge 

  • The job will then start on 18/06/2018 


​The role has 2 shift times: 


Day shift 8am-6pm (Tuesday- Saturday) Leaving Waterloo about 6:30am

Night shift 10pm -7am (Monday -Saturday) Leaving Waterloo about 8:30pm 


To get to site we will be buying candidates train tickets from Waterloo 

(Via train it only take about an hour to site).


Are you interested? If so call Jack Harvey on 0207 553 5689 or text yes to 07966635725.