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Author: Duncan J Carter

Published date: 2018/06


Why Do You Need Customer Experience Management?

Organisations need to focus on CEM because the customer experience is so important. It is a differentiator in today’s marketplace and has a profound impact on business success. How profound? 55% of consumers would pay more for a better experience. Also, according to Forrester Research, the revenue impact from a 10% improvement in customer experience can translate to over £1 billion in cost savings.


Customer experience management software and strategies provide businesses with a way to give customers a good experience every time they interact with a brand. CEM includes taking in customer feedback, correlating the feedback to business metrics, and analysing them together. Businesses use the data to improve front-line engagement with customers and to plan strategic initiatives that lead to a better customer experience.


Quantifying the customer experience is essential for companies to conceptualise how their actions impact their customers, and in turn, their retention and profits. The “management” in “customer experience management” signifies that this is not only a tool to measure experience, but to inform the management of it.


Large enterprises with many departments are ideal candidates for the most robust and full-featured CX management platforms. Enterprises—think large financial institutions and multinational corporations—have unique CX challenges, due in part to the complexity of their internal organisation. Their CX improvement initiatives can require changing the company culture. CX management platforms can facilitate and monitor these changes, even across multiple departments or within offices around the world.


PRS are currently recruiting for Internal & External Sales People in a Customer Experience Software. Pre-IPO.

This clients solutions enable customers to communicate with businesses instantaneously & gathers data from all areas of the business to gain useful insights. With a prestigious client base, they are looking to expand globally. Well-funded, ambitious, ethical with great people they require external & internal sales people. 


Consistently, successful sales people with retail or retail financial services & customer experience expertise would be ideal. 


Please contact Keith Kavanagh for more information.


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