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Author: Kieron Mayers

Published date: 2019/06


​Whether it’s managing a large-scale construction project or rolling telecommunications contracts across multiple sites, contract managers are an essential component for a broad range of industries.

Contract managers are primarily responsible for negotiating, drafting and maintaining procurement agreements between buyers and sellers. In recent years, this role has become increasingly popular for ambitious professionals looking to grow their career and reap the many rewards it can offer.

in this post, the PRS team has pulled together some of the top benefits of contract management to help you decide whether it could be the right career for you. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

1. Varied Work

There are few roles as diverse as that of a contract manager. You’ll work in both practical and office environments, with travel between different sites and workplaces common. As well as helping to improve your communication skills, this also helps to break up the monotony that other less-varied jobs can bring.

2. Employability All Over The UK

From structural engineers in Glasgow to financial professionals in London, we typically see certain specialisms locked into specific geographical locations. However, the same can’t be said for contract managers who have the benefit of choosing from many options across the UK. So, whether you’re based in Slough or Sheffield, Cardiff or Chelmsford, your ideal contract manager job is never too far away.

3. Increased Mobility

It’s a contract manager market right now. This profession is in such high-demand that professionals in this field have the luxury of picking and choosing the ideal role to suit their exact needs. Put simply, you won’t be on the market for long, nor will you have to feel stuck in a job with no alternative options.

4. Above Average Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a UK contract manager is approximately £45,000, with senior contract managers earning in the region of £53,000 a year. Adzuna reports that the contract manager’s salary in London is over 22% higher than the city average.

5. Amazing Benefits

In addition to earning a salary that’s significantly above the UK average, many contract manager roles come with substantial perks, including company cars, relocation costs and even performance bonuses for exceptional work.

6. Greater Career Development

Looking at the sheer volume of contract manager jobs out there, it’s clear to see that this role is highly sought-after across a vast range of sectors. As such, you can strategically cherry-pick your roles and use the broad knowledge and experience you gain in each to help fast track you to a senior management position.

7. Managing High-Value Contracts

Not everyone can say their job role is crucial in delivering projects worth multi-millions. As a contract manager, you’ll be trusted to ensure the correct procedures and financial planning of every contract is followed and fulfilled.  

8. Permanent And Temporary Contracts

Contract managers have significant flexibility when it comes to choosing how they work. There are options available to you whether you want the certainty and stability of a permanent role or prefer the variety that contracting can offer. If you do decide to become a contractor, then the increased demand for professionals in this field means you’re unlikely to find yourself out of work any time soon!

9. Wide Variety

From construction to IT, efficient contract managers are highly sought-after in many industries, and the transferrable skills you gain in each role means your opportunities keep on growing. Commonly, contract managers forge their careers in a particular sector before branching out into those that are more lucrative.

10. Expand Your Network

As a contract manager, you’ll find yourself working with a broad range of stakeholders, from small subcontractors right the way through to decision-makers in blue-chip organisations. This provides an opportunity for you to grow your network and utilise your contacts to continue furthering your career long into the future.

Are you a Maintenance Engineer or recruiting for one? PRS works with talented Maintenance Engineers to match them with their ideal permanent or contract roles in the UK. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you. And be sure to download our official Guide to Contract Manager Job Descriptions.