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Author: Kieron Mayers

Published date: 2019/06


​You weigh the problem often, especially if you’re a contractor, and make comparisons all the time. How much is your skill set really worth?

There are several areas on the worldwide web that tackle a salary breakdown for given roles, including maintenance engineers. In the hiring process, knowing your value is absolutely paramount, as it affects your approach to searching for the perfect fit and next step in your career as a maintenance engineer.

With this in mind, it’s helpful to gauge where the market is now, and what you need to do to meet those expectations.

We took stock of our collection of permanent maintenance engineering roles we had adverted here on as of early to mid-May 2019. You can see our positions here.

Maintenance Engineer Salaries As Of Q2, 2019

All positions were scattered throughout the UK, predominantly in the West Midlands, Home Counties, and North West. Without fail, these positions were either at or above £30,000 in salary.

Higher earnings are still possible, but it’s important to remember that salaries in all walks of work are going to vary. Some leading factors that affect this include industry, size of the organization, location, and engineering discipline.

Maintenance Engineer Pay Rates As Of Q2, 2019

Covering a similar geographic collection, hourly rates for temporary roles were available at £17 per, with temp to perm positions around the £30,000 level we talked about in the previous section.

Analyzing The Compensation

What does all of this tell us about how maintenance engineers are paid? Comparing these tendencies with the last six months worth of maintenance engineering jobs and other sites throughout the UK, we’ve determined these figures are fairly consistent. Other sources have found that senior-level technicians working inside the maintenance engineer will be around the £30,000 level, so PRS Jobs is clearly bringing in senior-level compensation on a regular basis.

Analyzing The Work Environment

So you know where the salary band is right now. You’ve found some roles that are worth an application. In addition to salary, you’ll want to determine what kind of environment you’re stepping into.

  • Are you on a rota system or a shift pattern?

  • How many people will you work with or answer to?

  • What kind of work site will you be working at?

  • Is overtime available?

The pay and benefits might be great, but work-life balance matters. Ensure you’re going to be comfortable and keen to get up and go on site every day.

Timing Is Key

There’s no need to talk about the chick’s feathers before the egg’s hatched. Likewise, there’s no need to negotiate right up front. With any job interview, you need to be prepared for more relevant things as pertains to the job:

  • Speaking truth to the power of your CV details;

  • Addressing any gaps;

  • Matching up your capabilities with bullet points in the job description.

Like with comedy, salary negotiation hinges on timing. When an offer of the role is made, that’s the time to talk about it. When a recruiter or an interviewer asks you directly about, that’s the time to talk about it.

But don’t let it dominate your preparation and execution of selling yourself for the position. Know your price, and work on proving you’re worth it.

ADDENDUM: Interviewing At Salary Risk

It’s worth bearing in mind what you’re willing to do when the salary and day rate could (repeat: could, but not necessarily will) end up being below your expectations. The same rules we mentioned earlier still apply, but feel free to say up front what your own expectations are. Your recruitment consultant can make it known for you, and if it happens to come up in the interview, reiterate your expectations.

All of this said, the earlier principle still applies. When you take a meeting to interview for the role, you’re there to sell yourself and convince the prospective employer “That one is definitely going to be worth it.”

PRS Jobs offers some of the leading roles in maintenance engineering to capable candidates every day. We also like to show capable maintenance engineers how to win over our clients in the interview. Be sure to download our new guide, A Quick Guide to Job Descriptions for Maintenance Engineers. It’s a great opportunity to learn all about what employers are really looking for when they write what they write in their job descriptions. With our knowledge, you can take those expectations and prove at the interview that you’re just what they’ve been looking. Download today.