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Published date: 2019/12


What do you think of when someone says 'building manager'? Is it a skilled professional who oversees the safety and maintenance of a property to ensure it complies with the right regulations? How about the person who recommends and coordinates improvements to properties to make them safe, functional and appealing? Well, you'd be correct. But there's much more...

In recent years, the role has evolved significantly with building managers now taking a starring role in building projects as organisations demand more environmentally sound solutions, integrated technology and overall more intelligent use of space.

Here, PRS takes a look at the skills and tools required to be a superstar building manager in 2020 and beyond. 

Tapping Into Automation

Building managers wear a lot of hats, dealing with HR, facilities and possessing a superhuman knowledge of the buildings they manage. Now, the advent of building-automation systems and advanced software programs means that today's professionals no longer have to spend their time entering data, and instead can act on it in real-time. This has boosted the overall productivity of today's building managers who continue to add greater value to projects by taking more strategic action.

Stepping Up To Leadership

Building Managers in 2020 must possess excellent leadership qualities and be great mentors for their team. They proactively present ideas and build compelling business cases for building owners to increase asset value and efficiency all while protecting the bottom line. Moreover, they are tough negotiators and should be outstanding risk managers, able to mitigate the risk of liability and loss at every angle.

In Tune With Tenants

Building owners and organisations are more concerned with tenant satisfaction than ever before. That's why building managers must be able to recognise and empathise with tenant needs and have a comprehensive understanding of the tenant experience. With this knowledge, they will deliver the right amenities and services to not only ensure tenants are happy but that they continue to renew their contracts. In short, any tenant issue is their issue, and they must possess strong problem-solving skills and the resourcefulness to both troubleshoot and wow.

In-Demand For 2020

Today's employers are crying out for great building managers. Why? The industry is facing labour force challenges with many professionals in this field reaching retirement age and the profession low on the list of pursuits of millennials and Generation Zs. However, it's an exciting time to be a building manager with a plethora of amazing opportunities and the average salary currently standing at £41,741 a year in the UK.

Are you a building manager looking for your next exciting opportunity? PRS has been building relationships and championing leading talent in property and built environment across the UK since 1999. Our team of experts would love to find out more about your skills, experience and career aspirations, so get in touch today!


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