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Author: Richard Snarey

Published date: 2020/02


​We all know that the success of a business largely hinges on the quality of its leadership and management team. 

However, those magnetic leaders who can draw people in and inspire them to produce their best work are in high demand and can often be selective when it comes to choosing where to work. Plus, if you do manage to attract and hire a great leader, how do you keep hold of them when you know they’re likely to be constantly targeted by headhunters? 

While being fairly compensated is important, it isn’t always what keeps leaders working in a business. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report, a huge 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. However, although 83 per cent of organisations agree that it’s crucial to develop leaders at all levels, only 5 per cent have fully implemented development programmes. 

An Effective Leadership Programme

We know what you’re thinking; there are so many leadership programmes out there which don’t effectively embed learning. Perhaps you’ve attended a one-day workshop with zero follow-ups, or even a three-day residential programme where you’re bombarded with a ton of information. While you might take copious notes, once you return to your busy job, those notes start gathering dust. 

At PRS, we wanted to help our clients not only retain their best leaders but develop the leaders of the future in the most effective way possible. 

Our Partnership With Integro

Integro Coaching & Consulting’s commitment to developing an integrated approach to leadership and people development resonated with what we wanted to do. Integro also shared our passion for bringing positive change to the world of work and organisations through leaders. 

It was decided that, together, we would design and develop a new kind of leadership programme that was different from anything we’d seen before. 

Enter, Purposeful Leadership

The programme was created for leaders and organisations that believed in Purposeful Leadership, which is based around values and focuses on building long-term relationships and trust.

Executive Coach and Consultant at Integro, Emma Thomas says: “We decided to weave in regular learning through the ‘magic of three’: Three months of learning, three interactive workshops, three one-to-one coaching sessions, and three group coaching pods. This means that participants have a structured programme to learn, practice and be held accountable at regular intervals and through varied learning approaches.” 

Delivered by the Integro team, the programme is available to existing PRS clients or as a new service for any organisations looking to implement a leadership development programme that’s in line with their values. Speaking of which, both Integro and PRS wanted the programme to complement our commitment to social responsibility. 

Emma continues: “We realised that as well as working with leaders to develop them and positively impact the people they lead, we could also have a positive impact on society by contributing a percentage of our profits to a charity we believe in. 

“We chose The Hunger Project (THP), which is a global non-profit, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. We were particularly drawn to THP due to its approach in empowering people to lead change in their communities. For them, it’s not about top-down, authority-led leadership, but that which awakens people to their own power. It’s about leadership ‘with’ people rather than leadership ‘over’ people, which is directly in line with our approach to leadership development in the business world.” 

Find Out More About Purposeful Leadership

For more information or to arrange a lunch and learn taster workshop, please email or contact Emma on 07984 154 278 or Rebecca on 07767 695757. Let’s create better, more engaged leaders together!