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Published date: 2020/04


​Commercial facilities housing key workers are currently doing everything they can to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This has placed a significant strain on cleaning staff and contractors to ensure spaces are “deep cleaned”, with every surface, handle and floor properly disinfected. 

However, how effective is “deep cleaning” in the fight against COVID-19? And, what does the outbreak mean for the future of cleaning contracts? Here, the dedicated PRS cleaning recruitment team takes a closer look...

Closer To Cleaning

With companies eager to reassure workers that they are doing their part to combat the spread of the virus, now’s the time to get closer to the cleaning process than they’ve ever been before. Pre-COVID-19, few commercial property managers concerned themselves about what might be lurking on frequently touched surfaces or anywhere else at their offices. Instead, cleaning was simply a routine and mainly carried out for appearance. 

Property managers are now required to go deep, with ‘deep’ being the operative word. In reality, the concept of a deep clean is vague and doesn’t define anything. Instead, an exact cleaning process needs to be established that covers the three key factors that ensure all surfaces will be effectively disinfected: 

  1. The chemicals applied to the surfaces, e.g. the strongest disinfecting chemicals inactivate 99.9999 per cent of viruses, as opposed to 99.9 per cent that most household cleaners promise;

  2. The equipment used to apply them;

  3. Whether personnel are trained to use them properly. 

What This Means 

Up until now, the commercial cleaning industry has been fragmented, unregulated and unprepared to deal with surges in demand. Due to the industry’s lack of regulation, even established cleaning services don’t always use the best chemicals available, implement the right techniques or have appropriately trained staff. The coronavirus outbreak will force fundamental changes in how we view cleaners and their output. 

More stringent checks will be carried out on candidates or contractors to ensure knowledge of the cleaning process and the right training. For example, are they certified to carry out the necessary work? What disinfectant will they use, and is it rated for viruses? What’s their application method? 

We’re likely to see property managers forge and build relationships with contractors and personnel providers who can demonstrate the right knowledge, skills and credentials. PRS, for example, takes great pride in being one of the most trusted cleaning recruitment agencies in the UK, providing qualified and equipped cleaners 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We ensure all cleaning work is carried out to the highest standards, using the right chemicals, equipment and qualified professionals. Safety is vital too, with all PRS cleaners provided with PPE and the right training to identify and reduce any on-site risks. Find out how we can help you today by contacting our dedicated cleaning recruitment team below.​