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Published date: 2020/06

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Regardless of the industry or sector, every workplace has introduced social distancing measures to protect employees from the spread of COVID-19. Whether it’s implementing one-way systems, providing additional hand-washing facilities or introducing enhanced cleaning protocols, adapting a workplace and keeping track of everyone in it is undoubtedly a challenge. 

However, what about organisations that manage a temporary workforce? How can they effectively keep track of these workers while also ensuring their safety? A fundamental problem arises when companies still rely on paper-based processes for the management of their temp workforce. Research from Deloitte revealed around 5 million UK mobile workers have to double up on work, filling out paper forms and then transferring to a digital format when back in the office. 

Such an approach typically relies on temp workers to manually log availability, complete timesheets, request holidays and collect payslips, leading to a high-touch process and, therefore, a greater risk of exposure. Not only this, but such an approach can significantly slow processes down for a business and prove costly in the long-term.

Time to go contactless 

Many companies have found the answer to these problems in the form of a mobile workforce management solution, which is proven to increase revenue and lower costs across multiple processes, as well as helping to keep workers safe during this pivotal time. 

That’s why PRS has teamed up with the dynamic workforce management platform, Sirenum, which makes the fast-track deployment of workers both efficient and reliable. Currently used by several thousand workers daily across Europe and recently adopted by parts of the NHS, Sirenum leverages mobile and the cloud to streamline the management of part-time, temporary, and hourly workers. 

Protecting your workers 

One of the main reasons that workforce management platforms like Sirenum are gathering momentum comes down to the autonomy and protection they offer to workers. For example, the MySirenum app means workers can log their availability, accept shifts, view upcoming work, record attendance, receive notifications, request holidays and view pay information, with zero in-person contact required. 

Benefiting your business

Many business benefits can be realised by introducing a workforce management solution. Organisations spanning a range of industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure have reported 400 per cent ROI from using the Sirenum platform. 

Click here to find out more about the benefits Sirenum can offer your business, including boosting worker productivity, increasing compliance, reducing costs and delivering valuable data.