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Published date: 2020/08

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With most schools in England and Wales reopening, people will again be encouraged to go back to their workplaces as part of a government campaign starting next week.

Employers who have had staff working from home for months will be asked to reassure them that it is safe to return by highlighting measures being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The move comes after the head of employers' organisation the CBI warned this week that city centres could become "ghost towns" if the prime minister did not do more to encourage workers back to the office.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that good ventilation could be the key to avoiding coronavirus as autumn approaches and people spend more time indoors.

Help is at hand 

Over the coming weeks, PRS will serialise our Great Expectations 2021: What questions will you be asked? series, which offers advice on how you can bolster your employer brand and be ready to face some tough questions about how you treated your workers during the pandemic.

Our Ensuring a COVID-Secure Workplace guide aims to deliver the latest findings and insights to help employers safely reopen their doors. While every business will face their own unique challenges, we hope the series will go some way in helping you get back up and running safely.