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How to Succeed as an Electrical Technician

Author: DigitalElder

Published date: 2020/12

Electrical Technician

​If you have an interest in installing and testing electrical systems or repairing electrical appliances, wiring and malfunctions, a career as an electrical technician might be the perfect fit for you. In today’s modern world, electricity is a necessity for everyday life so experienced and talented electrical technicians are in continually in high demand. With offices in London, Southampton, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester, PRS Jobs is a nationwide recruitment company specialising in recruitment for facilities management, electrical engineering and electrical technician jobs. Read on to learn more about a career as an electrical technician and the skills required to excel in your career.

What Is an Electrical Technician?

Responsible for the design, testing, maintenance and repairs of electrical systems, networks, circuits and appliances, electrical technicians can specialise in a diverse range of areas and industries in both domestic and commercial settings. Some of the most common duties an electrical technician may perform include:

·       Building electrical systems

·       Examining blueprints

·       Removing potential electrical hazard

·       Electrical network design for new construction

·       Testing of existing wiring for safety and quality control

·       Updating older electrical systems to meet current safety regulations

·       Repairing and maintaining electrical equipment

·       Assessing and improving electrical systems to allow for increased demand and sustainability

The Skills Every Electrical Technician Needs

To be good at the job and to ensure your safety and that of those around you, an electrical technician should possess the following attributes: 

A Mechanical Mind - a hands-on career that requires good hand-to-eye coordination, successful electrical technicians usually have inbuilt sense of mechanics and have a passion for taking apart and rebuilding mechanical and electrical equipment.  

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills – electrical technicians often face the challenge of diagnosing and repairing complex electrical issues. The ability to solve problems effectively, efficiently and often independently is a critical skill needed in this job. Thinking analytically also enables the technician to find a solution quickly when something goes wrong.

Good Communication Skills – as an electrician or electrical technician will need to work with a diverse range of people, including estimators, engineers, architects, homeowners, and project managers, it is essential they can communicate effectively to improve teamwork, ensure efficient completion of projects and ensure a high level of customer service before, during and after the project.

Strong Attention to Detail - electricity can be a dangerous thing, so ensuring safety both on the job site and within the building requires a high level of caution and a detail-oriented approach.  

Excellent Comprehension Skills –the ability to interpret work orders, blueprints and instructions as well as write a summary of their own work to ensure job details are followed properly is a vital component in this role.

Persistence and determination – electrical work isn’t easy and often projects are difficult to complete, run later than scheduled or centre around problems that are tough to diagnose and resolve. Persistence and determination to succeed when the job gets tough is crucial to help grow your career.

Be Physically Fit and Be in Good Health

While there are necessary qualifications and desirable personality traits that all are needed to apply for electrical technician jobs, there are also some physical characteristics that should also be taken into consideration. Electrical work can be strenuous and tiring so a reasonable level of fitness is needed. Although there is no physical exam to pass, it’s a good idea to maintain a good level of general health to keep up with the demands of the job.

Electrical technicians perform a wide variety of tasks, from the design and installation of new wiring systems to repairs and replacements of outdated systems so if you are looking for an exciting career that is challenging, rewarding and secure, consider becoming an electrical technician.

For more information on electrical technician jobs in the UK, get in touch with PRS Jobs today. Email us today to find out more or register your interest.