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Tips for Securing a New Job Through a Recruitment Agency

Author: DigitalElder

Published date: 2021/01

Tips For Securing A New Job Through A Recruitment Agency

​Pursuing a career change or finding a new role can be difficult if you don’t have the right search tools or connections in your industry – this is where engaging the services of a recruitment agency can help. A recruitment agency can save you time and help with resources and support to prepare you for the job interview with a prospective employer, increasing your chance of getting hired. PRS Jobs is one of the leading facilities management, property management and hospitality recruitment agencies in the UK with offices in London, Southampton, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. Here are a few tips for optimising your job-seeking experience with a recruitment agency.

Find A Recruitment Agency That Wants More Than Just Your Resume

Your recruitment officer should make the effort to learn about you, asking questions to understand your short and long term goals, your desired workplace culture and environment, and what traits you have that would make you excel in a particular company or position. When employees and employers are matched incorrectly, it can lead to poor work quality, low job satisfaction and a potentially toxic environment so your agency should get to know your values, beliefs and behaviours - this will ensure they can identify and understand which jobs and companies to which you will be best suited.  

Ensure the Agency Specialises in the Industry in Which You Want to Work

If you’re seeking catering jobs in London, it doesn’t really make sense to engage with a recruitment company that specialises in marketing or construction. Make sure you know the kinds of industries the agency deals with, and whether they offer temporary, casual or permanent jobs—or all three.

A specialist agency with expertise in your desired industry will have a better sense of the businesses, roles and jobs available in your field and location.

Set Realistic Expectations

Speak with your agency about the current job market so you can determine what roles you might be able to find that match your experience, needs and salary expectations. If necessary, look at the different ways you can adjust your job expectations and/or salary expectations to meet the market. Flexible working arrangements or employee perks can help to overcome a lower salary, and once you get your foot in the door you may be able to work your way up to a higher role within time.

Keep an Open Mind

Even if your goal is to find a high-paying full-time position, be open to temporary jobs or contract work as these can help you develop skills and gain invaluable experience that will be helpful when you apply for your next position. You never know, you may impress the employer so much that they will find you a full-time position within the company.

Be Patient

If you applied for a job through a recruitment agency or if you haven’t heard back from them after your initial meeting, follow up with a polite phone call. You may not have been the right match for any of their current open positions, however, they will continue to search for something else that fits your skill set if they know you are eager. Also keep in mind that agencies cannot put you forward for every role available, it’s vital that the successful applicant also fits the needs of the business that’s hiring.

Start Your Job Search Now

If you are looking for catering jobs in London, don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with hospitality recruitment agencies even if they don’t have a position advertised that suits you. Agencies are constantly seeking potential candidates and often have positions to fill that have not yet been listed.

PRS Jobs is a trusted recruitment agency with offices in the UK and USA, with expertise for permanent, temporary and contract roles within hospitality, property management, facilities management, mechanical engineering and more. Get in touch with one of our specialist recruiters online today to find your next exciting employment opportunity.