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Contactless Superheroes

The fast, safe and effective way to manage your shift workers 

Join the contactless revolution with Sirenum, the dynamic workforce management platform that leverages cloud and mobile technology to help you keep workers safe, increase revenue and lower costs across multiple processes. 

Used by several thousand temp workers daily across Europe and recently adopted by parts of the NHS, Sirenum makes the fast-track deployment of workers both efficient and reliable. 

Protecting your superheroes 

Many companies still rely on paper-based processes for the management of their temp workforce. Not only does this slow processes down and prove costly in the long-term, but it also requires unnecessary contact that could put workers at risk.

With the MySirenum app, your workers can log their availability, accept shifts, view upcoming shifts, record attendance, receive notifications, request holidays and view pay information, with zero in-person contact required. 

Power-up your business!

Organisations spanning a range of industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure have seen 400% ROI from using the Sirenum workforce management platform. 

Here are just some of the efficiencies it can unlock in your business: 

  • Scheduling. Use Sirenum’s geo-location tools to place the right person in the right place at the right time, improving response times, reducing travel and increasing gross profit.

  • Compliance. Streamline operations and improve health & safety by building compliance rules and managing certifications, credentials and permits. 

  • Monitoring. Capture time and attendance, proactively reduce lateness and uncovered shifts, and manage patrol and lone workers with ease. 

  • Financial. Free up time and resources by simplifying the calculation and processing of gross pay, automating invoice development, and more! 

  • Analytics. Easily create, schedule and review reports across the whole system and use this data to make informed workforce decisions. 

Ready to transform the way you connect with your workers?

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