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Coronavirus and Job-Seeking: How to Find a Job During Isolation

Published date: 2020/04

Professional Recruitment Services

​If you find yourself currently searching for new employment opportunities, you’re looking at a very different landscape to that of just a few months ago. The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented economic uncertainty and while it’s true many businesses are either reducing staff or are in a hiring freeze, some industries are actually ramping up their recruiting efforts in order to fill in-demand positions. At PRS Jobs, we are the leaders in professional recruitment services across the UK. If you are looking for a job during this period, there are a number of things that you can do to help you adapt to the current isolation and social distancing restrictions and keep the ball rolling on your job search. 

Expand Your Network

Now is a perfect time to engage with and nurture your professional network. Using online platforms such as LinkedIn which has over 500 million users worldwide, start connecting with professionals in your desired line of work and re-establish relationships with previous colleagues. Even engaging with social acquaintances can reveal opportunities you might not have considered. These days, most recruitment companies use social networking in their process of sourcing new talent, so make sure your profile is up-to-date, and post ideas, articles, and other content that will attract and engage recruiters. 

Focus On Professional Development

Previous to this pandemic, our fast-paced daily routines often got in the way of pursuing new learning and development opportunities. It’s now an ideal time to explore your interests, identify any skills that need improvement, and look at where you can explore potential growth opportunities. In the current situation, E-learning is skyrocketing, so consider enrolling in online courses you’ve been putting off and learn any new skills you feel you might be lacking.

Be Patient When Following Up On Applications

If you have applied for positions and are anxious about hearing an outcome, be restrained with follow-up emails. Keep in mind the majority of the workforce are currently encouraged to work from home and HR professionals and professional recruitment services are no exception. There is nothing wrong with a polite enquiry as to the status of your application, but make sure you allow a longer time for replies and avoid phoning as many company phone lines may now be redirected or even go unanswered as businesses try their best to work through this crisis time.

Interviews During Isolation

If you do happen to reach the interview stage during isolation, it is incredibly likely that the interview will take place via video link. There are number of things you can and should do to prepare. Video interviews are quite different from in-person conversations, so it is a good idea to conduct multiple dry runs before the real deal. Analyse your posture, eye contact, tone of voice, sound and lighting quality which are all essential details to getting it right. If your interview is cancelled altogether, it is a good time to show a potential employer what an understanding and well-organised employee you would be if taken on. Follow up with a polite email to re-confirm your interest in the role and explain that you understand the extreme circumstances and would like to be contacted at a later date if things change. You may be offered a video interview at another stage, or the interview could be deferred until a later date.

While it is easy to be disheartened and hold off on your job search until the pandemic is over, keep in mind that there are many industries and companies that are on a hiring spree including major supermarkets, cleaning and transport companies and some other retail businesses trying to cope with the increased demand on stores and online services. If you are desperate for a job, you may wish to consider applying for one of these roles – it may not be your dream role, but it will get you through and any postings would look good on a CV that might otherwise be devoid of activity for the duration of social isolation measures. Maintaining a positive outlook and doing you best to adapt to the changing circumstances will steer you the right way in finding suitable employment and enhance your career once this situation has passed. 

The team at PRS Jobs are here to help with your recruitment needs during this incredibly tough time. For more information on our professional recruitment services or to enquire about any of our listed positions get in touch with us today on +44 207 553 5660 or email us on