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Our dedicated construction recruitment division finds the right people for your US project.

Operating from our USA headquarters in Houston, our experienced team has unrivalled recruitment experience and in-depth knowledge of the construction market.

We will work closely with you to get to know your precise needs and connect you with the right permanent, temporary or interim personnel who are just as passionate about getting the job done as you are.



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Sue Gaffney and Matt Soulsby celebrate 10 years at PRS!

Regional Director Sue Gaffney and Technical Team Leader Matt Soulsby have been part of the PRS family for 10 years now. While we like to highlight our long-servers and high-achievers individually, Sue and Matt have a long and connected career history, and given they get referred to as the Ant and Dec of recruitment, we…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

Examining Skills Gaps in the European Data Centre Industry

Our previous blog looked at data centre skills shortages in the UK and the action employers are taking to attract and retain key talent. However, the skills gaps extend much further, with organisations in Europe also battling to secure qualified professionals. According to figures from Statista, the total amount of data created, captured, copied and…

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Should you stay or should you go?

According to November figures from the ONS, the total job-to-job moves in the UK between July and September 2021 increased to a record high of 979,000. Analysts say these moves were primarily driven by people opting to leave rather than being dismissed, suggesting that workers feel more empowered than ever to explore new opportunities. Since…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

What initiatives are in place to solve data centre skills shortages?

In a previous blog, we explored the growth in demand for data centres worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While the need for resilient data infrastructure has never been greater, the industry faces significant challenges in the form of skills shortages that impede the build and management of data centres. According to the Global Data…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

How we invest in our candidates

With job vacancies reaching a record high in the UK, organisations are increasingly reliant on temporary workers to fill widening skills gaps.  For many recruiters, these industry-wide skills shortages have created a sense of urgency and accelerated the rate at which interim workers are sourced and placed.  While time-to-place is crucial at PRS, especially for…

Facilities, hospitality and data centre recruitment

Our tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a candidate-driven market out there. Companies that placed hiring strategies on the back-burner in 2020 have picked up where they left off, and the race to secure the best talent on the market has never been fiercer.  For skilled candidates, it’s a great position to be in as there are…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

Tips for nailing that remote interview

Organisations have utilised remote interviews for many years, particularly those reliant on recruiting talent from overseas. However, the Covid-19 pandemic saw the adoption of video interviews accelerate as face-to-face meet-ups were off the table during lockdown. Fast forward to now and, despite restrictions easing, remote interviews look like they are here to stay due to…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

Considering switching your career to a new sector?

With the pandemic highlighting the instability and lack of opportunities available in certain sectors, professionals are increasingly exploring new industries to apply and grow their skills. While entering a new sector can be daunting, there are currently ample opportunities for candidates with transferable skills. However, it’s not always as simple as matching your current skill…

Data centre recruitment PRS Jobs

Data Centre: A top industry for career opportunities

The last 18 months have been interesting for the data centre industry. While many sectors suffered due to closures and layoffs, demand for data centre services accelerated at a meteoric rate due to our increased need for cloud services. In turn, professionals in this sector are in greater demand than ever before. According to the…